The reporting capabilities for finance teams using Power BI

The Reporting Capabilities for Finance Teams Using Power BI

Here are some of reporting capabilities that Power BI can help Finance with;

  1. Dynamic Financial Statements with advanced ratio analysis – the ability for Finance to access its reporting via Power BI helps them to speed up the month end accounts process and delivery of key numbers to stakeholders


  1. Cash Flow Forecasting and Analysis – through the ongoing analysis of cash flow, management can monitor cash inflows and cash outflows against projected cash surpluses to make sure they have an adequate level of cash reserves


  1. Advanced Sales data analytics for decision making – Finance can drill into sales transaction data to assist business with analysis sales growth products, customer and locations to provide useful decision making info for future planning and sales strategy


  1. Analytics and Visualisation of AR, AP and Inventory Balances – being able to better manage your working capital needs through insights helps the organisation to see what is owing, what it owes and how much is invested in inventory


  1. Analytics and Visualisation of General Ledger Accounts – through the analysis of the GL, Finance can investigate unusual amounts and compare GL spend to comparative periods for completeness and trends


  1. Tracking Actual versus Budget Variances – the ability for Finance to track variances against revenue and expenses assist business making better informed decisions regarding spending and pipeline management


  1. Advanced analytics on product and customer profit margins – this analysis helps the business to track profitability across customers and products at a detailed level to spot opportunities and problem areas in protecting its margins


  1. Finance calculators as self-service tools using DAX – Power BI DAX functions help Finance to perform calculations such as Time, Value of Money


  1. Forecasting and What-If analysis – by creating parameters / benchmarks Finance can predict the outcome of decisions

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