Highlights from Microsoft Ignite: Key Announcements in Copilot, OpenAI, and Azure Developments

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The annual Microsoft Ignite conference was held last month, and as expected there were exciting Copilot and OpenAI announcements everywhere. The Data and Analytics platforms was not left out and there were lots of big and small updates that are set to add value everywhere.

These are some of our favourites:

Microsoft Fabric now generally available

Fabric brings together PowerBI, Data Factory and Synapse Analytics into a single integrated solution supported and surrounded by the wider Azure security, management, and development landscape.

In addition to Fabric itself going to GA, there were several new Fabric features released. Fabric Shortcuts allow your data to remain at rest in its source location (e.g. an Amazon S3 bucket) and be virtualised inside OneLake. This provides a unified data namespace for the entire organisation without needing to unnecessarily replicate data.

Many organisations have been trialling Fabric during preview; with its release, it’s time to get those projects going.

Learn more : Prepare your data for AI innovation with Microsoft Fabric—now generally available | Microsoft Fabric Blog

Azure AI Studio

The preview of Azure AI Studio, Microsoft’s unified AI platform is now available. AI Studio brings together all the Azure Cognitive Services with OpenAI LLMs and an updated set of SDKs and developer tools to build AI enhanced solutions using your data.

AI Studio allows you to experiment or build with pre-built models or code with custom models. Models can be tested, refined, containerised and deployed from a single place.

Learn more : Announcing Azure AI Studio preview (

Copilot for Cosmos 

Not every announcement was a huge new product release, some are just useful.Anyone coming to Cosmos DB from a SQL background knows that there is a lot to relearn and building efficient queries can be daunting.

Copilot for Cosmos allows a plan text description of the query to be entered and it will examine the structure of your collections and items and generate the Cosmos DB query string. 

Azure Integration Environments (preview)

Each of the components of the Azure Integration Services suite including LogicApps, Service Bus and others provide significant features and capabilities. But until now integration developers have needed to manage these assets individuals and stitch the components together.
Azure Integration Environments looks to change that providing a common workspace for all these assets to be managed AND a way to map business processes to Azure assets that drive them.

Early days on this one, but could be a game changer for integration workflows.
Learn more : Overview – Azure Integration Environments | Microsoft Learn

Azure Business Continuity Center (preview)

Azure has a range of HA, DR, backup and replication technologies available. But it can get complex to manage all of these and ensure that every component in a solution is protected.
Enter the Azure Business Continuity Center (ABC) which provides centralised configuration, monitoring, compliance and security assessment of backup, replication and protection processes in Azure

During preview a modest set of resources can be managed including virtual machines and blob storage, but this will grows as GA approaches.
Learn more : Revolutionize Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with Azure Business Continuity Center – Microsoft Community Hub

Azure Chaos Studio GA Release

Azure Chaos Studio has gone GA after an extended preview. The premise behind Chaos Studio is to be able to test the resilience of applications and systems by intentionally introducing failures that simulate real world outages and issues.
Is my load balancing working correctly if a VM or website fails? How does my application handle high load? High CPU? Dropped packets?
Chaos Studio allows experiments to be built and tested that inject (and then remove!) faults into the environment simulating problems that can be difficult to validate during normal testing

Learn more : Azure Chaos Studio (

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