Power BI Inventory Reporting and Analytics

Power BI Inventory Reporting and Analytics

Power BI is a great reporting tool to reflect inventory values at a specific point in time and then filter the values by different dimensions. At the same time the user can assess the levels of inventory values across different time periods as well as see key inventory management ratios.

Inventory Analytics

Using visuals we can detect the overall trend of inventory across different periods such as:

  • Last 12 months from selected period,
  • Current financial period,
  • Prior financial period, and
  • All financial periods

At the same time, we can view the inventory turnover and average days to sell inventory financial ratios to assess efficiency in managing inventory levels

Inventory values

Next we determine the values across inventory categories and sub categories to determine inventory levels at a specific point in time. This indicates the investment trend in inventory.

Using report slicers we filter the context of the inventory values by the selected category and sub categories as well as by lines of business and geography. The report is dynamic and filters the data for each visual based on users selection.

Inventory drill down

Enabling drill on mode we can filter the inventory values by different hierarchy.

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