Giving Back To The Community

Our Mission is to Give Back

“Give Back” is one of our core values and one we stand by and continue to act upon. These are not just words plastered over a wall for us but something we live and breath.

Whether it’s being a sponsor for the tools we use, our activeness in the community, our volunteering and sponsorship of causes or the work we do with charitable causes, we are always looking for ways to do more to help the communities that have made us who we are.

Giving Back To The Community

We believe that the secret to living is giving, so we give back to the community not just by organising meetups and sponsoring technical user groups, but also by donating to charities and volunteering at such events.

Silver Sponsors – Dax Studio

Committed to enabling more people to learn and for valuable solutions to flourish.

We recognise DAX Studio as the premier tool for performance tuning DAX. As an analytics consultancy offering enterprise-level solutions, it is critical in enabling us to deliver fast efficient Power BI solutions to our customers. We are proud to support the development of this fantastic tool. 

Power BI Meetups

We are thankful to have such a great and talented Power BI community around us, as well as in our team. That’s why we are organising Power BI meetups with some of the best in the business, for free!

Sponsorship of MVPs and technical community members

We’re glad we were able to exemplify our values and show our support for Microsoft MVPs and technical community members by enabling them to attend Power BI, Data and AI Bootcamps all around Australia.

Python Adelaide

We’re excited to sponsor ‘Python Adelaide’, a community for Python enthusiasts in and around Adelaide. This group hosts regular meetups and talks, offering a platform for learning and networking among local Python professionals and hobbyists. Our support is aimed at nurturing this vibrant tech community, fostering skill development and collaboration