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50% discounted rate for 8 Weeks Fabric deployment

Step into the future of analytics with Microsoft Fabric. Agile Analytics leverages this powerful platform to transform your data strategy, we bring you a seamless, scalable, and secure fabric for orchestrating your applications and services in the Azure ecosystem. Our methodology, rooted in advanced mathematical and statistical approaches, opens the door to predictive analytics and smart automation.

Why Microsoft Fabric with Agile Analytics?



Effortlessly manage large data volumes, crucial for sophisticated mathematical modelling.



Smoothly link with Microsoft Fabric's ecosystem, including Azure Machine Learning, for comprehensive analytics capabilities.



Utilize Microsoft Fabric's advanced tools to automate data processes, leading to more efficient and insightful decision-making.

Real-World Applications

Across Industries

Boost customer service and spur innovation with actionable, predictive insights.

Retail Sector

Dive deep into sales data, streamline inventory, and enhance demand forecasting for optimal efficiency.

Financial Services

Unlock new levels of understanding in financial reporting, from balance sheets to cash flow analysis.

Energy & Utilities

Minimize downtime and maintenance costs by predicting and addressing equipment failures before they occur.


Utilize predictive analytics to forecast patient outcomes and optimize treatment plans.

Public Sector

Enhance citizen services through analytics to understand and respond to public needs effectively.

Our Comprehensive Offering


Tailored Workshops

We begin with bespoke workshops to uncover and define your specific needs, ensuring the MVP aligns with your business objectives.

Developer Training

8-Week MVP Journey

Experience tangible outcomes in just 8 weeks, with the initial 4 weeks courtesy of Agile Analytics.


Ongoing Support

Our dedication to your project continues post-delivery, ensuring seamless integration and maximized value from your new analytics capabilities.

Transform your approach to data with Agile Analytics and Microsoft Fabric, and start making more informed, strategic decisions today.

What to expect

Weeks 1-2: Discover & Plan

Begin with targeted workshops to outline your vision and strategic goals.


Progress through agile sprints, focusing on iterative development and constant feedback.


Launch your tailored solution, followed by dedicated support to ensure seamless integration and continued success.

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