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Maximize Potential: Comprehensive Managed Services for Azure, Power BI, Apps & Automate

If you are facing challenges such as poor internal customer feedback, obstacles in delivering against your pipeline of work, insufficient or a mismatch of skillset or can’t scale your team up fast enough, then our Managed Services solution can help by extending your team and addressing work pipeline mismatches.  Use our Industry experts to provide support, and guidance and accelerate adoption of best practices.  With your team, backed by our team, you can ensure confidence in meeting internal SLAs and overall internal customer satisfaction while minimising costs.

Features and Benefits of the Managed Service by Agile Insights


Our managed service for Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Azure Data Platform are designed to supplement and enhance your internal business’ capability by giving you access to a trusted source for questions, small development tasks and advice on best practice.  


Our managed services for Power Plafrom, and Azure Data Plaform & Services are designed to address the technical challenges faced by large organisations with insufficient in-house expertise. Our team of industry experts, recognised as some of the best in the APAC region, work closely with your team to understand your unique requirements and deliver customised solutions that meet your needs.

Throughout the deployment process, our experts handle technical tasks and remove any blockers that arise, minimising the time spent on obstacles and challenges. This allows your team to focus on achieving your desired outcomes, while we handle the technical hiccups.

By utilising our managed services for Power BI, Power Apps, and Azure, you can optimise your technology investments, save time and minimise costs while maximising investment returns. Our team is dedicated to delivering the outcomes you require, ensuring that you receive the best value from your technology investments.

Common Issues in Microsoft Stack Adoption

Power BI

Power BI can be overwhelming for users due to its complex interface and extensive range of features, which can make it challenging to navigate. Additionally, working with large datasets may require high-powered hardware, which can be resource-intensive and cause performance issues.

Power Apps/Automate

Integrating Power Apps with complex legacy systems or external data sources can be challenging, which can pose a barrier for users seeking to utilise the platform. Additionally, developing custom solutions with Power Apps require considerable time, expertise, and effort.


Adopting Azure Data Factory can present challenges when setting up and configuring the platform, particularly for complex data integration scenarios. Furthermore, Azure has a steep learning curve, and managing and monitoring large-scale data pipelines can require significant expertise and resources.

Our Proven Expertise and Microsoft Partnership


We have a fantastic, long-standing relationship with Microsoft. We are extremely proud to be a Microsoft Solutions Specialist for four competencies including: Data Analytics and AI, Azure and Digital & App Inovation. 

We work closely with the Microsoft teams in both Australia and the US to deliver businss value to organisations using Microsoft platforms.

Being one of the few partners in Australia with Advanced Specialisation – Analytics in Azure that validates our deep experience in planning and delivering analytics solutions in Microsoft Azure, enabling customers to use the full breadth of their data assets to help build transformative and secure analytical solutions at enterprise scale.

The Analytics on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization allows partners to further differentiate their organisations, validate their capabilities, and build stronger connections with customers through their ability to plan and deliver tailored Microsoft analytics solutions using Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Databricks.

Managed services pricing

Enhance Your Adoption Process with Access to Top Industry Experts

Managed Services

Month to month
$ 15k / Month
  • Access to top industry experts in APAC region
  • Hands-on technical support and guidance
  • Response within 24 hours
  • Removal of technical blockers and obstacles
  • Customised solutions to fit your unique requirements

Managed Services

3-month commitment
$ 10k / Month
  • Access to top industry experts in APAC region
  • Hands-on technical support and guidance
  • Response within 24 hours
  • Removal of technical blockers and obstacles
  • Customised solutions to fit your unique requirements
  • Free access to key events and training

Our Clients’


The support service has been a game-changer for our critical client. The expertise and guidance provided have been invaluable, and we are big fans of the service. Previously, we relied on time-consuming resources to upskill ourselves, but we now love the fact that we have someone we can call for help. The team has delivered beyond our expectations. Thank you for your outstanding support.

Our Satisfied Customers

We’ve helped clients across a diverse range of industries, with our innovative BI and Data Analytics solutions.

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