Chart the course of the next technological era at one of our exclusive, one-day events. Fully harness the potential of AI by connecting with thought leaders, attending expert-led technical sessions, and more. Redefine what innovation means for you by unlocking the power of AI.
Turning vision into impact with AI
Decision makers today are seeking to understand the AI landscape and how to drive forward with new, emerging technology. Join us and learn how to address your biggest challenges and create new opportunities in the era of AI.
Explore new paths forward with AI
Choose from expert-led technical workshops all designed to enhance your knowledge and skills and put you on the front line of AI innovation.
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Experience the full power of AI with Agile Insights & Microsoft at the Microsoft AI Tour in Sydney on February 7, 2024.

Be a part of this transformative event with Agile Insights at the Microsoft AI Tour in Sydney. Discover how Agile Insights, in partnership with Microsoft, can be the catalyst in accelerating your AI journey, unlocking new possibilities on February 7, 2024.

Agile Insights is proud to be one of a select few Premier Partners at the Microsoft AI Tour in Sydney, Australia.

For a limited time, Microsoft is orchestrating an exclusive event that brings together key decision makers, developers, and industry experts, focusing on the advancements and possibilities in AI. This is a unique chance to network with leading minds in the field and discover innovative AI solutions.

Date: February 7, 2024
Location: International Convention Centre Sydney
Registration: Envision Microsoft Sydney

Agile Insights is thrilled to be a prominent partner at this event!

We invite you to visit our dedicated sponsor lounge or explore our showcase area, where we will be presenting our industry-specific solutions and ideas throughout the event.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join Agile Insights & Microsoft in a 45-minute breakout session designed to propel your AI journey forward. Stay tuned for updates and further details about our session – We encourage you to regularly check for new information and insights about our offerings and the breakout session.

A Tour Through the Possible: Enhancing OpenAI with your data, systems and APIs

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with AI?  Join us for a demo-heavy session that will showcase how to unlock the full potential of OpenAI. Our experts will guide you through real-world use cases across retail, healthcare, FSI, and HR, designed to enhance staff productivity, improve customer experience, and surface the value in your latent data. You’ll learn how to rapidly build and deploy solutions that integrate with what you have today, without needing to reengineer or modify your existing systems. Whether you are deeply technical or not, this session is geared to business leaders wanting to understand what is possible with the tech and get insight into how to get started utilising it from some of the best in the industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how OpenAI can transform your business helping it to innovate, compete and flourish.


Head Shots-Matt-BW
Matt Salmanzadeh

Matt, CEO of Agile Insights has several decades of experience working across Banking and Retail businesses across business functions spanning operations, technology, data and AI and projects. He brings a unique holistic perspective to business challenges utilising his deep knowledge of technology, operations, and Data and AI to have real world positive impact.

Head Shots-Andrew-BW
Andrew Cobb

Andrew, ex-Microsoft CTO for Azure in Australia and a thought leader who has worked with Azure before public availability. His key strength is spanning the end-to-end breadth and depth of any solution including modern applications, databases, infrastructure, security, and AI to ensure everything works together seamlessly.”

Courtney Withers (Microsoft Staff Member)

Courtney Withers is a Digital and Application Innovation Lead for National Healthcare in Australia. In her alignment to the National Health accounts, she finds herself with a mission to use digital transformation to provide better clinical outcomes, get patients home sooner and get frontline workers home to their families safely.

Agile Insights & Microsoft

 Agile Insights have a fantastic, long-standing relationship with Microsoft. We are extremely proud to be a Microsoft Solutions Specialist for four competencies including: Data Analytics and AI, Azure and Digital & App Innovation.

We work closely with the Microsoft teams in both Australia and the US to deliver business value to organisations using Microsoft platforms.

Being one of the few partners in Australia with Advanced Specialisation – Analytics in Azure validates our deep experience in planning and delivering analytics solutions in Microsoft Azure and Fabric enabling our customers to use the full breadth of their data assets to help build transformative and secure analytical solutions at enterprise scale.

If you want to find out more about Agile Insights visit

Meet the team that will be at the event

Shri Chakraborty

Sales Director

LinkedIn Profile

Gethryn Ghavalas


LinkedIn Profile

Matthew Salmanzadeh


LinkedIn Profile

Andrew Cobb

Customers CTO

LinkedIn Profile

Blake lawrence


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Ellen Cherry

Relationship Manager

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