Harnessing OpenAI & ChatGPT for Enhanced Business Intelligence

ChatGPT, OpenAI and other generative AI solutions have the potential to change nearly everything about the way we interact with IT Systems.
While some organisations are still discussing ethics, risks and strategies, we got to work building low risk, rapid ROI use cases you can deploy today.

Unleashing the Power of AI for Business Excellence

Use Cases​

Private OpenAI/ChatGPT

Are your staff or executives using the public ChatGPT or similar for work purposes? Are you concerned about data security, privacy? Cost management and logging?
Deploying a private instance of Azure OpenAI and a customized chat interface can address these concerns. This will allow :
• Staff to use and experiment with generative AI in a controlled manner.
• Ensure company data is private and secure.
• Integration of a chat interface into existing intranets, website, teams or other applications.

Chat with your company knowledge base

Every organization has reams of corporate data held in documents and PDFs stored in SharePoint, file servers and other unstructured stores. This include company policies, product details, customer history and much more.
A traditional document/website search will return a list of documents matching a keyword – and then you need to read each one.

Enabling OpenAI to index and query these document stores can surface the latent value and institutional knowledge embedded in all these documents.
A generative AI solution can generate a summary or analysis of the information in these files, not just a list of links.

Integrate with your data, systems and APIs

Every organization has a variety of applications and systems that typically :
• Have their own website, reports and access methods.
• Are generally not connected with each other and querying across systems is difficult.

Allowing OpenAI to directly query these systems can:
• Significantly improve staff productivity (and reduce frustrations), providing data in near real time.
• Enable data from multiple systems to be integrated and synthesized – without needing to export/import/copy.


Surface your organisation specific calculations and business rules

Every organisation has custom calculations, formulas and business rules.
Whether this is generating a quote for loan repayments of forecasting the “KPC for March if JDA is 7.3”
Typically this is accomplished through cumbersome applications with multiple steps.
Surface these as rapid time savers for your staff

Democratise your Machine Learning and AI models

Building a custom machine leaning model (for example fraud detection or predictive maintenance scenarios ) typically requires specialist skills.
Once these models are built, are you getting the best use from them? Are they available to your whole workforce on demand?

Taking these complex models and surfacing them in an digestible format not only enhances their value but also saves employee time.

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