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Power BI Solution Accelerators: Fast-Track Your Data Journey

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, time is of the essence. Our Power BI Solution Accelerators are meticulously designed to give businesses an edge by speeding up the data-to-insight process. Rather than starting from scratch, these accelerators provide foundational templates and frameworks tailored to various industry needs. From pre-built dashboards to advanced analytics modules, we ensure that you’re not just getting insights but getting them faster than ever. Dive into data with confidence and accelerate your journey to informed decision-making.

Marketing Analytics

Agile Marketing Analytics is a reporting solution that displays marketing KPIs, and metrics to provide marketing teams with instant and continuous visibility into marketing performance.

Through these dashboards built on Microsoft Power BI, you can connect your Google Analytics data to see your marketing ROI and analyse the performance of your marketing campaigns more interactive than ever before!

These marketing dashboards are your key to creating a data-driven marketing strategy that is based on real-time insights so you can unlock the value of your marketing data.

Why Agile Marketing Analytics?

Education Analytics

Our Education Analytics solution built on Power BI can help schools and academic institutions by giving them greater visibility and accessibility in their data in a simple and effective manner. This can help you to generate valuable insights using an easy to use application.

Educational dashboards and reports are effective tools for principals and teachers to monitor various aspects of a student’s performance, from different perspectives. Additionally, these dashboards provide an opportunity for the principal to evaluate an instructor’s performance regarding the subjects they teach.

Tracking these and other metrics ensure long-term success for both your school and your students. In other words, to run a successful school, you need to analyse trends that occur over time and track day to day operations.

Adding relevant KPI’s in the education field, creating measures and applying best practices for visualisation are methods of transforming data into actionable insights. 

Why Education Analytics?

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics solution build on Microsoft Power BI, empowers sales teams to accelerate analysis and make a greater impact with their business data. From tracking quotas to pipeline, this solution helps sales teams transcend report building and perform trustworthy analysis from a single source of truth that decision makers can rely on.

You can easily connect it to wide range of data sources, bringing your sales data to the foreground. Analyse the top sellers, agents, locations and categories and see what drives your sales performance.

With Sales Analytics, the entire sales organisation is equipped with shareable, actionable insights that help illuminate what’s working and what isn’t, where the opportunities are and what needs to be prioritised to scale the team’s success.

Why Agile Sales Analytics?

IT Service Management

Some Key Use Cases for the ESM Performance Dashboard

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“As a Sales Manager for a Retailer with branches all across Australia, I needed to see my sales reps figures and track them against their targets. The traditional way of reporting (mainly Excel-based) was not easy to work and understand. I needed something more flexible, easy to use, real-time and accessible by mobile. Agile Insights Power BI Retail dashboards helped us to make our sales KPIs easier to see, so we can plan and take informed actions.”

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