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Our People

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the #1 Microsoft Data/AI Partner in ANZ; a go to trusted partner for our customers, a talent factory where the people go to do their best life’s work, and a thought leader, innovator, contributor in the community

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower every organization to embrace a data-driven approach by design, unlocking the potential of data-led transformation and innovation.


  • People First
  • Partnered Approach
  • Excellence Through
  • Continuous Improvement and Learning
  • Honesty, Transparency, Integrity and Accountability
  • Thought Leadership
  • Give Back

Meet some of our Architects and Leads

With a team of 60+ consultants across SA, VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT as well as Philippines, India, New Zealand and the Mid East, we have both the breadth and depth of talent to help your organisation succeed.

Our Executive Team

Iman Eftekhari - CEO

Iman Eftekhari, a serial entrepreneur known for his remarkable track record in assembling high-performance teams and a champion for data leverage in business strategy, brings over two decades of expertise in data analytics and AI to the table. Iman is stepping back into the CEO role at Agile Insights after a 1.5-year retirement.

Blake Lawrence - CCO

Blake is the current CCO and former COO of Agile Insights a Data/Analytics/Automation consulting firm specialising in the Microsoft Data/Ai/App tech stack. With over a decade of experience, Blake is a seasoned data & analytics leader. As the head of our client relationships function, Blake is dedicated to finding opportunities and designing visionary paths forward.

Shri Chakraborty - General Manager Client Engagement

Ex-Microsoft executive Shri is a leading figure in sales and technology. With over a decade of experience, she specializes in infusing cloud technology into enterprises, offering global perspectives, and guiding executives through social challenges while shaping visionary cloud strategies. Shri advocates for equity, human rights, and leadership's role in fostering dialogue in corporate and global communities.

Amrit Kaur - Chief of Finance and Business Services

Amrit is detail oriented and meticulous. Since joining the organisation her focus and attention has gone into uplifting our processes, systems and capabilities across both the PMO and other back office functions like Finance.

Gethryn Ghavalas - COO

Gethryn Ghavalas, with 25 years of operations expertise and a significant tenure at Westpac, is joining Agile Insights as our COO. His technical background and diverse skills will be pivotal for our growth. He'll be stationed at our Sydney, New South Wales office.

Andrew Cobb - Customer CTO

Andrew, ex-Microsoft CTO for Azure in Australia and a thought leader who has worked with Azure before public availability. His key strength is spanning the end-to-end breadth and depth of any solution including modern applications, databases, infrastructure, security, and AI to ensure everything works together seamlessly

Our Story

We are more than just a technology business, we’re a people business. Our team is our most valuable resource, which is why we recruit the best, and create an environment and culture where our people can thrive. Today we have people all around the world working together to solve some of the worlds most complex organisational challanges.

We love what we do. Whether you work with us or for us, feel the Agile difference. Come join us!