Healthcare Insights

Analytics Solution for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

Agile Insights Healthcare Insights solution provides an instant solution to your data analysis needs, allowing you to convert mass amounts of data into actionable insights. Built on Microsoft Power BI and the latest cloud technology, hospitals and healthcare organisations will have an outstanding level of clarity and insight into their data which will help to achieve a better understanding of their overall performance and make better informed decisions.

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Healthcare Analytics


All Your Data

Make better informed decisions by accessing all your data in one place: leading to saving costs and increased operational efficiency

Flexible Reporting

Publish and share data and reports with managers or clinics to provide them with insights into their specific decision-making requirements

Fully Automated

Keeps your dashboards up to date consistently to save time and resources

Choose Where to Store your data

Store your data on Power BI, on your cloud, database, or on-premise server depending on your organisation’s data security policies

Integrated Platform

Our solution enables data from different data sources to be displayed on a single reporting platform




Clincial dashboard is important for managers and medical practitioners to get visiblity on how a department is handling its demands. It provides information about what is happening in the clinic – from number of current patients waiting to be seen, to number of doctors, patient-to-clinician ratios, staff work hours, etc.

From an overview, for example, these dashboard is useful for establishing where specific specialised doctors are located across regions in relation to those patients needing their relative care.

At a more daily level, this dashboard is useful for analysing individual employee performance, clinician communication, nursing units, prescriptions, revenues, costs, etc.



Just like other Healthcare organisations, hospitals encounter and accumulate a large amount of data. Managers and decision-makers can monitor patient satisfaction levels, performance of staff, patient wait time, departmental spending, income, salaries, as well as the overall quality of each department to make better-informed decisions to improve the efficiency of operations and the quality of care.



This dashboard captures the patient experience from admission to discharge. It includes wait times, average length of stay, lab result turnaround times, satisfaction rates of wait times, patient ratings of level of comfort of their visit, etc. Data from patients surveys and hospital records are analysed to create patient perception dashboards for support for informing managers and staff where improvement is necessary.

This allows Healthcare Organisations to identify strengths and weaknesses related to patient services as well as compare their performance compared to competitors and industry standards.

Doctors & specialists


Physician dashboard allows for actionable executive decision-making in order to maximise daily efficiency and implement changes for long-term improvement. 

Data such as: number of patients, number of new patients, patient appointment times, clinician availability, patient satisfaction ratings, etc is analysed for business insights in order for managers and staff to make decisions to avoid delayed treatment of patients, ill-timed appointment setup, lengthy wait time and patient dissatisfaction

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“The Healthcare Insights by Agile Insights is more than just good looking reports and dashboards! It helps us best practices to analyse our data, and new ways to see and understand our data.”

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Our Healthcare Insights solution enables managers of the clinics, hospitals, and ohter healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions quickly and confidently while saving valuable time and resources.