Power BI Documentor

Automated Documentation for Data Driven Organisations

Why do you need to document your reports?

Save time and improve report accuracy by managing risks around data, improving governance practices and driving efficiency in day-to-day reporting.

Why Power BI Documenter?

Break down your report

Improve your reporting

See a breakdown of your report by page, and which fields are utilised for each visual. You can also audit your visuals to ensure correct undelaying data

See your model visually

See how your data model comes together

The model view fast tracks your understanding of how your data model comes together – whether you’re working on your own, or you’ve had one handed over from someone else. 

This view allows you to drill down into specific tables

Understand relationships and model details

Providing detail around the data siting within your model

Now you can understand the impact of a change to a field on the report pages and visuals, helping you gain greater accuracy and save valuable time

Track dependancies

See all dependancies within your DAX code

Understand the relationships between measures and other fields, and ensure that changes wont have unexpected consequences

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Drill into expression dependancies

Dive into field, table & role expression dependencies

View referencing objected, reference objects and the related DAX expressions. Fast track your understanding around how the report / model has been constructed

Discover & apply best practices

See key best practices that should be followed to improve your reports

Download improved versions of your template that hides fields and tables that arent used. Enable everyone in the organisation to perform like A players

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How Power BI Documenter can help you