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Why Analytics in Retail?

Aside from bespoke analytics solutions for Retail, using it’s extensive knowledge of the retail industry, Agile has built a retail analytics accelerator solution which takes your retail reporting to near best practice with the thinking and work around the following areas being already completed:

  • What to report on and the best way to report on it
  • Reporting best practice architecture to ensure an optimal end user experience
  • Data types/model required
  • Security and deployment


Agile has a deep understanding of the retail businesses having implemented various retail projects in the past in the following business types:


  • Large national sporting goods retailer (Intersport)
  • Large multinational clothing retailer (ASOS)
  • Various food businesses (Soul Origin, GYG)

Want to make your retail business more data driven and transform the customer experience, we can help. 

Wholistic View

Sales, Inventory & Customer Service

With these real-time dashboards, the entire sales organisation is equipped with shareable, actionable insights that help illuminate what’s working and what isn’t, where the opportunities are, and what needs to be prioritised to scale the team’s success.

Basket Analysis

To increase profit

Market basket analysis is a technique used by retailers to increase sales by better understanding of customer purchasing patterns. It involves analysing large data sets, such as purchase history, to reveal product groupings, as well as products that are likely to be purchased together.

Identify Trends

To predict future demand

Slice & dice the sales reports by day, by month, by period, by hour, by product, by category, by location, but most importantly, by suppliers, so you can predict what is going to happen next year and therefore plan your staff rosters and product ordering in advance.

Demand Forecasting

To Better Optimise Your Inventory

The cost of inventory is ongoing carrying costs. This includes warehouse facility costs, labor costs associated with managing inventory, and recurring costs related to taxes and insurance.

A well-structured inventory report can help you optimize your inventory to reduce the associated costs. 

Product Performance

To see key Product performance

Dive into accurate key performance information about specific categories, subcategories and products.

Supplier Analysis

Monitor product performance by supplier

Gain insight around supplier product performance, such as top suppliers, top and bottom performing products by supplier and supplier importance based on sales revenue.

PVM Variance Analysis

Price Volume Mix dashboard

Understand key factors that have affected business performance, and drill through to category, subcategory and product level analysis to understand where there is opportunity to improve profitability, and overall business performance

Our Clients’


“As a Sales Manager for a Retailer with branches all across Australia, I needed to see my sales reps figures and track them against their targets. The traditional way of reporting (mainly Excel-based) was not easy to work and understand. I needed something more flexible, easy to use, real-time and accessible by mobile. Agile Insights Power BI Retail dashboards helped us to make our sales KPIs easier to see, so we can plan and take informed actions.”


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