Robotic process automation (RPA)

Elevating Business Efficiency with Intelligent Automation Solutions

At Agile Analytics, we elevate enterprise operations by integrating the strategic intelligence of Azure Open AI with our RPA solutions. Built upon the robust frameworks of Microsoft Power Automate and Azure Logic Apps, our services are designed not only to streamline but to intelligently synchronize your workflows, reducing costs and enhancing productivity with precision.

Business users want solutions to their challenges

Businesses gather data

The number of enterprises with more than 100 terabytes of unstructured data has doubled since 2016. ​

…but few make it actionable.

Only 32% of those companies have succeeded in analyzing that data in any actionable way.

Workforce requiring multi-device capability

Over 72% of workforce are mobile workers.

Mobile > PC

Time spent on mobile is now significantly higher than time spent on PCs.

Apps can be expensive

The average cost to produce an app is $0.2m but can quickly increase beyond $0.5m

Line of business decision makers are critical to success

81% of technology projects are influenced by line of business decision makers who are looking to create their own solutions.

The Path to Automation Mastery


Phase 0

Technology Selection
Determine toolkit and strategic direction

Lay Foundations

Phase 1

Define Automation Roadmap and establish foundations


Phase 2

Embed foundations:
Operating Model, Capability, Governance, Org Structure etc.


Phase 3

Transform organisation to drive-up automation levels


Phase 4

Automation-led Disruption
Combine RPA with other technologies e.g. Low Code Apps, OCR, text & voice mining, and AI

Power apps


Our capabilities expand through the breadth and depth of Microsoft’s Power Platform including niche expertise in developing solutions & providing digital strategy leveraging PowerApps, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Pages, Dataverse and Power Virtual Agents.

Transform Your Business with Our Power Platform Services


Evaluate and Plan your low code journey


Develop custom low-code cloud based solutions


Enable your workforce for citizen development


Engage people and grow your low-code footprint

Spearhead your digital transformation with our team of industry experts, functional consultants, solution architects and ace developers. 

Why Agile Analytics?

We Enable Organisations to Become Data-Driven by Design

Agile Analytics is a specialist consulting firm with teams across Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, India, the Mid East and the US. We’re a Microsoft Solution Partner in Data and AI and Digital and App Innovation.
We consult, design, and deliver tailored data analytics and technology solutions to mid-to-large size organisations across the world.

Our mission is “to unlock the full potential of our people and through them, help every organisation become data driven by design.

Real Life Scenario Using Power Automate & Power Apps

Business Challenges

Two of Australia’s largest construction companies
were commissioned by the Australian Government to build a large tunnel.

  • Involving multiple tunnel boring machines, 100+ trucks, multiple sites, multiple vendors required up to date and live information on the status of the operation
  • Requiring up-to-date management of soil toxicity levels to inform soil dump locations
  • Requiring information and sources from GPS devices to locate boring machines, and time stamps via sign ins to locate trucks to link soil sample results to track soil as it moved across the entire operation
  • Ensuring that operational efficiency was met with the highest levels of Environmental standards. 

What We Delivered 

1. Initiate

  • Workshops with stakeholders to understand current operations and processes 
  • Identifying pain points and opportunities
    to simplify
  • Sessions to gather data points across complex vendor systems
  • Recommendation of tools and
    to streamline processes and capture missing data points
  • Visibility of vendors and their performance in accordance with strict SLAs

2. Build

  • MVP development in first iteration
  • Solutions evolved as operations matured using new tools, technology, processes
  • New user stories captured
    after every release 
  • Continuous development to enhance functionality of apps and reports

3. Design

  • Azure integration pipeline with a data refresh every 1-2 hours
  • PowerApps for business users to simplify operations, and capture missing data points
  • Sessions with stakeholders to identify reporting requirements, providing
    mock-ups for approval
  • Reporting solution for end-to-end operational monitoring

4. Run

  • Showcased apps and reporting functionalities to educate stakeholders
  • Developed test scenarios aligned to business requirements
  • Worked collaboratively with stakeholders to resolve bug fixes before releasing to production
  • Training users on the tools


Customer was able to avoid millions of dollars in EPA fines and experienced no bottlenecks – unheard of in the construction, excavation and mining industry.

  • No adverse findings when the customer was audited by the EPA (each adverse finding carries a $1m fine)
  • Our end to end data/application and reporting solution, was able to provide the client with operational savings of approx. $1M over the life of the project
  • The solution was delivered on time ensuring no costly delays in operations (costing millions a day)
  • Better governance and monitoring over vendors including monitoring trucking delays, loss of soil between sites by trucks and process failures 
  • A birds eye view of all operational processes including progress of construction in near real time enabling agile and effective decision making in day-to-day operations. 

Key Highlights of Project

How the Project Provided Benefits to Business?

inbetween implementation

                    Manual processes prone to human                             errors. Reporting for end-to-end                                 business tracking non-existent


                     Applications implemented to avoid                           manual errors. Reporting solution                              provided to view end-to-end business

                    Siloed business operations:
                    Executive team spent time in                                        understanding factual data

System Integration

                    Data Integration to systems used                               within various parts of business, data                           consolidated within one system

                    Business prone to risk due to siloed                          nature and have an inability to track                            data sucessfully 

Risk Management

                    Auditing of operational data to                                manage and reduce risk effectively and                        quickly.

                   No view of business and stakeholder                          performance to meet regulatory                                  requirements 

Performance Insights

                    Performance effectively managed,                             actions taken to meet requirements                             with near go-live reports

                    Each unit had their own processes                            which made it difficult for auditing                              operations

Process Improvement

                     New operational processes                                       implemented with new technology                             and operating rhythm defined.

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