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Modern BI to enable data-driven decision making

The goal of Business Intelligence (BI) is to enhance your understanding of your  business performance using your data estates. Data Warehouse is often required as the foundation of your BI to gather data from various source systems and mesh them up to get 360 view of your data.

A modern data warehouse lets you bring together all your data at any scale easily, and to get insights through analytical dashboards, operational reports, or advanced analytics for all your users.

We are a specialist consultancy with years of experience delivering Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions. Our deep technology experience, coupled with strong business acumen, means we have an in-depth understanding of how BI will improve your business.


Accelerate time to market with a fully managed cloud platform

Get insights on any data

See business insights based on your
organisational data

Move away from Excel to Enterprise BI / Reporting

Communicate information more clearly, securely and efficiently to track your organisation’s Key Performance
Indicators (KPIs).

Save Time &

Easy to integrate with other Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications. Automatic data refresh can save up to 80% of your resources’ time on data wangling.

What is a Modern Data Warehouse?

It’s the hub for all your data—structured, unstructured, or streaming—to drive transformative solutions like BI and reporting, advanced analytics, and real-time analytics. This enables you to take advantage of the performance, flexibility, and security of fully managed Azure services such as Microsoft Fabric, Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Databricks to get started with ease.

Microsoft Modern Data Warehouse Architecture



  • Azure Synapse Analytics is the fast, flexible and trusted cloud data warehouse that lets you scale, compute and store elastically and independently, with a massively parallel processing architecture.
  • Azure Data Factory is a hybrid data integration service that allows you to create, schedule and orchestrate your ETL/ELT workflows.
  • Azure Blob storage is a Massively scalable object storage for any type of unstructured data—images, videos, audio, documents, and more—easily and cost-effectively.
  • Azure Databricks is a fast, easy, and collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform.
  • Azure Analysis Services is an enterprise grade analytics as a service that lets you govern, deploy, test, and deliver your BI solution with confidence.
  • Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization. Connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis. Produce beautiful reports, then publish them for your organization to consume on the web and across mobile devices.
Reference: Azure Modern Data Warehouse Architecture

Our Areas of Expertise include

Assessments, Roadmap
& Strategy

More than a decade of BI and Data Analytics experience have produced functional, procedural and technical expertise beyond the average consulting firm. We deliver a successful plan where business and IT work together, with the right methodology and tools to achieve your goals.

Building and
Project Delivery

Full Project Delivery – from business case development, use-case identification, data foundation, dashboards, to solution deployment, and training, we provide end-to-end services and support to reach your data analytics goals.

Enhance and

We support you in enhancing and maintaining a reliable, secure, and usable data platform and reporting system for your business, and ensure your data is always refreshed and available so you can make business decisions based upon your data.

“By 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency”

Customer Success Stories

"Agile Insights helps Transport for NSW harness the power of data to improve customer services and manage the performance of Bus, Ferry, Light Rail, and Metro operators"


Port Productivity Dashboards

Our client needed to provide management reporting on port productivity to oversee the performance of their ports in near real-time.

Our solution was a set of interactive reports built on Power BI to enable C-level access to their key information in an easy way in a timely manner


“This is a big change to how the policy has been implemented in the past. Through the simplicity of the dashboards, they can now gamify environmental effort of NSW government!”

Power BI Enables a Government Organisation to better Analyse, and take Actions to Prevent Road Incidents in NSW

The government client adopted a new flexible, scalable and fully integrated BI platform built on Azure and Power BI that empowers users with various levels of analytical background to track, report and extract insights from the crash data.

Gyg Store

“This is a game changer. We no longer rely on instincts to make decisions. We can make data driven decisions. In a quickly changing world, it is a powerful tool to inform quick decisions. The level of delivery and quality of output by Agile Insights was exceptional”

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