Success Story: NSW Active Transport

Data-Driven Approach for NSW Active Transport
Encouraging Walking & Cycling

The NSW Active Transport portfolio faced challenges in enhancing existing infrastructure and promoting walking and cycling. Key hurdles included the lack of a centralised data management system, manual data collection and analysis processes, and complex calculations for converting kilometres travelled into benefits. 

Additionally, the reporting system had limited ability to analyse data across time periods and locations. To overcome this, we used automation, AI, and IoT with Microsoft tech to streamline data management, automate reporting, and empower data-driven decisions.

Customer Challenges

Active Transport faced a variety of challenges and were relying on manual data collection and complex benefit calculations. Decentralised reporting added to their struggles, making it difficult to monitor the success of their initiatives and promote sustainable transport.

They needed a comprehensive and automated reporting solution and recognised the importance of a secure data source that would inform their investment decisions and drive positive outcomes.

Partner Solutions

We engaged stakeholders to understand their processes and data needs. Our solution involved gathering sustainable data from IOT devices placed throughout the city. These data points were connected using user-friendly tools like Azure IOT Hub and Azure Synapse for data management. The insights were then presented through easy-to-use and automated PowerApps and Power BI reports, making operations smoother and providing valuable information to the general public.

Customer Benefits

Active Transport now benefit from an automated reporting system that centralises data, provides actionable insights, and enables easy tracking of their initiatives. The implementation has led to substantial cost savings and increased efficiencies through automation, streamlining data collection and real-time updates. In addition, the solution includes dashboards available to the general public, promoting transparency and encouraging the use of sustainable transportation.


Centralised and simplified data platform:

They gained a simplified, reliable, and modern data platform that streamlined their data management for NSW Active Transport initiatives.

Secure and automated data management:

The data source is consolidated and secure, ensuring efficient data ingestion and transformation from devices and big data sources, reducing the risk of errors

Real-time insights:

The solution enables real-time conversion of traveled kilometers into economic, environmental, and health benefits with customisable parameters and a comprehensive suite of reports

Reporting Dashboards

Fully Built on Azure

BI For Public Sector Australia

Power Apps

Analytics Consulting Australia

Power Automate

Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Warehouse

Azure Analysis Services

Azure SQL DB

Azure Data Factory

Power BI

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