Case Study

Automated Financial Reporting Solution Utilising Power BI

About Viatec

Viatec was established in 1984, ands is a services-based organisation with knowledge and technical experience covering all aspects of managed print services and business technology. Viatek is Australian owned and operated, with 20 offices across New South Wales and Victoria. 

Viatec - Power BI Financial reporting

The Challenge

Viatek produces regular financial reporting for internal stakeholders, tracking monthly and annual performance against budgets and prior periods. Until now, this had been handled in Excel, using a time-consuming manual data extraction and refresh process. Reports were not automatically shared, and version-control was not easy to maintain. A solution was required to automate this process and give stakeholders confidence that they are always viewing the most up-to-date information.

The Solution

Providing an Automated Solution

A Power BI solution was built that automatically combined financial data from the ERP system with budget and other supplementary data. Visuals included both P&L style and charts for trend analysis. Refresh was scheduled with no manual intervention. Row-level security was configured to help report consumers focus on data relevant to their part of the organisation. DAX calculations efficiently handle all variance calculations, along with customised hierarchies for analysis of key P&L items.

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The Outcome

Viatek now has an automated internal financial reporting solution. Manual effort is minimised, and stakeholders can rapidly see the latest financial performance and focus on gaining insights into financial performance.


Built on Microsoft Power BI

Power BI

“The team at Agile Analytics listened to our reporting pain points understanding the improvements we were after, and ultimately designed a Power BI solution that met our needs.”

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