Training Catalogue

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With a comprehensive list of training courses catering to Power BI administrators, developers, and users, we offer a diverse range of options to suit your specific needs. Our commitment to flexibility means we can customise, merge, or adapt courses to align with your unique requirements. We can also go a step further by enhancing sessions with your own data and content, ensuring maximum impact and relevance for your team.

Empower your workforce with the knowledge and skills they need to harness the full potential of Power BI. Explore our training catalogue and discover how we can tailor our offerings to elevate your organisation’s data analytics journey.

Developer Training

BUILD01 : Power BI in a Day

Length: 1 day

Target Audience: New Power BI developers, professionals seeking to enhance existing skills, team members transitioning from other tools.

Description: This workshop offers an immersive introduction to Power BI development. In just one day, you’ll gain a solid foundation in Power BI, covering data connection, transformation, and basic DAX functions. Designed for beginners or those looking to fill knowledge gaps, this course equips you with essential skills for creating visualisations and reports, setting you on the path to becoming a proficient Power BI developer.

BUILD02 : Building Engaging Reports in Power BI

Length: 1 day

Target Audience: Developers and semi-technical users.

Description: Elevate your data presentation skills with this one-day workshop focused on data visualisation best practices in Power BI. Explore report layout design, conditional formatting, and select appropriate chart types to craft engaging reports that resonate with your audience. Ideal for developers and those with at least a modest technical background, this course empowers you to create impactful Power BI reports.

BUILD03 : Get & Transform Data with Power Query

Length: 1 day

Target Audience: Power BI developers.

Description: Uncover the power of Power Query, the ETL tool in Power BI, in this one-day workshop. Learn to prepare data for Power BI by creating data acquisition recipes using Power Query. Dive into the M language to refine data transformations beyond the basics. This course is tailored for Power BI developers seeking proficiency in data acquisition.

BUILD04 : Data Modelling & DAX

Length: 1 day

Target Audience: Power BI developers.

Description: Master the art of data modeling in Power BI with this one-day workshop. Explore principles, patterns, and best practices for creating efficient and reliable data models. Gain insights into normalisation, relationships, hierarchies, and star schema design. This course equips you to create scalable models for accurate insights and seamless reporting.

BUILD05 : Advanced Power BI Reporting

Length: 1 day

Target Audience: Intermediate Power BI developers and report builders.

Description: Elevate your Power BI reporting skills with this intensive one-day workshop. Designed for intermediate Power BI developers and report builders, this course delves into advanced capabilities such as Row Level Security (RLS) and sophisticated What-If and Field parameter visualisation techniques. Unlock the potential to create robust and dynamic analytical solutions that empower data-driven decision-making.

BUILD06: Advanced Power Query

Length: 1 day

Target Audience: Intermediate to advanced Power BI developers.

Description: Dive deep into the world of Power Query with this one-day workshop tailored for intermediate to advanced Power BI developers. Address common data transformation challenges with advanced techniques. Learn to create repeatable patterns, customise functions, and optimise queries. Enhance your data transformation skills and make your data work seamlessly in Power BI.

BUILD07 : Demystifying DAX

Length: 1 day

Target Audience: Intermediate to advanced Power BI developers.

Description: Demystify the complexities of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) in this one-day intensive workshop. Designed for intermediate to advanced Power BI developers, this course explores complex calculations, table manipulations, and performance optimisation. Gain a deep understanding of DAX formulas, how they work under the hood, and learn techniques to boost your data models’ performance.

Admin Training

ADMIN01: Mastering Power BI Administration

Length: 1 day

Target Audience: Power BI administrators and IT professionals.

Description: Master the art of Power BI administration in this one-day workshop. Focused on user management, capacity planning, security, and compliance, this course provides practical examples and real-world scenarios to help you configure, monitor, and maintain a Power BI environment aligned with organisational needs and governance policies.

End-User training

USE01 : Power BI for Professionals

Length: 2 Hrs

Target Audience: Business users and report consumers new to Power BI.

Description: Empower business professionals to harness the full potential of Power BI. This user-centric workshop, designed for those new to Power BI, offers insights into navigating the Power BI Service, interacting with reports, and effortlessly exporting data.

USE02 : Power BI for Management

Length: 4 Hrs

Target Audience: Business Executive Leadership Team New to Power BI.

Description: Gain a comprehensive overview of Power BI’s capabilities in this interactive half-day session. Understand the breadth of the tool and its potential impact on your organisation’s decision-making.

Certification Training

CERT01: PL-300 Exam Preparation

Length: 2 days

Target Audience: Aspiring Power BI certified professionals.

Description: Prepare for the PL-300 exam in just two days with this comprehensive course. Cover essential topics to ensure you’re ready for the certification.