Transform your organisation into a data-driven business

Business Pain Points

Relevant Data

Does your organisation struggle accessing the relevant data for day-to- day business decisions? Are you aware that there are tools and solutions specifically designed to help you with this?

Data Collection

Do you find data reporting too challenging in your current environment? Could you benefit from a clearer and more streamlined reporting method?

Actionable Data

Is your organisation good at capturing data but not using it effectively? Do you want to make sense of the data you’re capturing, and make it actionable?

How Can We Help You?

Assessments, Roadmap
& Strategy

When it comes to assessments and roadmaps, we deliver a successful plan where business and IT work together, with the right methodology and tools to achieve your goals.

BI Consulting

We are one of the selected consulting partners globally, and a Microsoft go-to-partner when it comes to Power BI. More than a decade of BI and Data Analytics experience have produced functional, procedural and technical expertise beyond the average consulting firm.


Full Project Delivery – from KPI identification, to database and warehouse building, data integration, dashboards design and solution deployment, we provide end-to-end services and support to reach your data analytics goals


We provide Power BI training courses that cover a variety of topics across business functions based on typical business pain points using materials developed by industry experts and Microsoft

Ongoing Support

We support you to enhance maintain a reliable, secure, and usable data and reporting platform for your business, and ensure using of the industry best-practices in your data analytics solutions.

Customer Success Stories

Since over a decade, we’ve helped organisations just like yours implement Business Intelligence.


"Agile Insights helps Transport for NSW harness the power of data to improve customer services and manage the performance of Bus, Ferry, Light Rail, and Metro operators"


“The tool and service Agile Insights have and continue to deliver is the key component to our strategic success and out of all facets, is by far the cheapest and best performing. Agile have been self-performing and are hoping to be able to replicate their service on other projects within our companies”


Port Productivity Dashboards

Our client needed to provide management reporting on port productivity to oversee the performance of their ports in near real-time. Our solution was a set of interactive reports built on Power BI to enable C-level access to their key information in an easy way in a timely manner

Enabling data-driven decision-making for NSW Active Transport portfolio to improve the current infrastructure and encourage more people to walk or cycle as part of their everyday travel

“This is a big change to how the policy has been implemented in the past. Through the simplicity of the dashboards, they can now gamify environmental effort of NSW government!”

Power BI Enables a Government Organisation to better Analyse, and take Actions to Prevent Road Incidents in NSW

The government client adopted a new flexible, scalable and fully integrated BI platform built on Azure and Power BI that empowers users with various levels of analytical background to track, report and extract insights from the crash data.


“This is a game changer. We no longer rely on instincts to make decisions. We can make data driven decisions. In a quickly changing world, it is a powerful tool to inform quick decisions. The level of delivery and quality of output by Agile Insights was exceptional”